As you know, we are just a normal couple who run this blog for our interest in the topic. And to travel, buy, and experience all the things necessary to keep providing content, we must spend some money.
For this reason, we have partnered up with a small business who are very close friends of ours. They are a local garage business in the Las Vegas area. Their overhead door service is phenomenal, and we can’t recommend it highly enough. Check them out by clicking here.
They provide repair help with broken springs, cables, rollers, and tracks. Brand new installation, child safety systems, replacements, and noisy doors are also specialty areas for them. Best part is, all of their services are priced at affordable rates. So please do us a favor and check them out or recommend them to a friend in need of garage work on their home.

Picture of garage door

Also, this is not just a shameless plugin for advertising purposes. We have become friends with the business owners while at our stay in Las Vegas and haven spoken to their customers about the quality of work they provide. So you can be rest assured that they are a reliable method for all your related needs.We really appreciate all the help, and things like this are what keep us going. Without these types of partners it would be harder for us to financially support our expensive hobbies. So if you like the content provided on the blog and want to help the cause, you don’t even need to support us directly. Just by picking up the phone and calling their garage business you can help them, and by proxy keep supporting us.
We will be working together in the future and possibly with other business to try and spread the word about our activities. Stay tuned for our next post!

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