The Las Vegas strip is known for its exotic nightlife and alcohol. But after a recent trip as a couple, we discovered something special. What is it you ask? The food! The wine! The crime!
Vegas is filled with top of the line restaurants in virtually every type of cuisine. Many include some of the most famous chefs in the world. But unfortunately, every city has its downfall, and for Las Vegas that is the crime rate. We usually don’t share too many personal anecdotes, but this was just too eventful to pass up.
Also, most of our reviews of places and items exclusively focus on the positive. We understand that a more well-rounded description would be of more use for our readers.

To start out in the Sin City, we had all of our belongings stolen from the hotel room. We won’t name companies, but the hotels door locks were abysmal. Everything was stolen, including the keys to the rental car. We called a local locksmith in Las Vegas and had it sorted out.

Locksmith repair

This experience should be a stern warning to any of our readers before traveling to Nevada. Security should be of top priority. Now on to the good stuff.

What to experience from the rest of the city

Vegas hotel

Amazing cuisine and gourmet beverages. Although the area gets a bad rap for the things we just previously mentioned, the inside of the establishments are incredible. Some of the most luxurious buildings in existence. And the cuisine experience does not fall off from that mark. Whether you are eating at a cheap fast food truck on Las Vegas Boulevard or inside of the highest class restaurants, the place has something to offer. It is also a conglomerate of all the worlds dishes packed into one small location. You can have the highest quality food from China in the morning, and gourmet French cuisine at night. It truly is an exceptional food experience like none other. It includes eateries from the top chefs in the world such as Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck. As you can guess, cooks like these also know how to select wine. In the end, the positives of the area outweigh the negatives as long as you are careful.

Blog update

Most of the posts so far have been our reviews; we plan to branch out from this a little more in the future. Thank you all for reading.